My Floating Home

September 2019

Series 2 Episode 6 Vancouver & Seattle

3.0 5 x
The show follows the fate of two luxury floating homes in North America - a million dollar dream near Vancouver and a pair of high-end mansions in Seattle

Series 2 Episode 2 A Thames Barge

4.0 25 x
Adventurous young professionals Ani and Charles take on a rusty old oil barge in Hampton on the Thames they want to turn into a rustic first home
August 2019

Series 2 Episode 5 Grand Union & Portland, Oregon

3.0 6 x
A canal boat conversion with twin showers and a very big bed on the Grand Union in London. And in Portland, Oregon, a spacious two-storey floating home turns into a dramatic build.

Series 2 Episode 4 Medway and Netherlands

4.0 19 x
An ambitious barge conversion on the River Medway hits stormy weather and rising tides. And there's a deluxe home in the Netherlands with cool underwater bedrooms.

Series 2 Episode 3 Thames, Tower Bridge

3.0 7 x
Naval architects Valentin and Daria are leaving their cramped London apartment to live on the Thames in an eye-catching three-tier floating home next to Tower Bridge.

Series 2 Episode 1 Southampton and Futuristic Fibreglass

4.5 45 x
After 30 years of living on the River Itchen in Southampton, Gerald sets out to build a futuristic fibreglass home designed by his son Aidan
May 2018

Series 2 Episode 8 Maidstone, Kent & Portland, Oregon

Expired 3.0 68 x
A boat lover creates a micro riverpod in Kent. In Portland, Oregon, Jan and Don design a floating summer house with an open-plan living space

Series 2 Episode 7 Bristol & Vancouver Island

Expired 4.0 17 x
Caravan fans Ben and Michelle refurb an amphibious vehicle in Bristol. And Linda hopes to build a floating home with 360-degree views on Vancouver Island.
October 2017

Episode 2 Rookies and Amsterdam

Expired 3.0 25 x
Rookies Dwayne and Janet plan to build an experimental oversized houseboat, while Lydia and Wout plan on moving their old steam ship to a canal near Amsterdam
September 2017

Episode 1 Chichester

Expired 3.0 29 x
Presenter Mark Evans visits an ambitious, unique floating home set to be moored by the riverside in Chichester