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My Floating Home

Brand new series: Londoners Lily and Natasha have bought a decrepit narrowboat at a knock-down price. Will their DIY enthusiasm override their lack of knowledge and experience? (S4 Ep8)

Series 4
Brand new series: A German couple build a novel high-tech towable caravan that floats on water, in a bid to bring them closer to nature. But will their radical design work? (S4 Ep7)
Brand new series: After 25 years living in New Zealand, Keith and Pam dream of touring the UK's waterways. But it's their first boat and they'll need to learn the ropes quickly. (S4 Ep6)
Brand new series: In Kent, metal worker John tackles a cut-price riverboat restoration using various ingenious workarounds. Can he make a home of his own and finally fly the nest? (S4 Ep5)
Brand new series: In Surrey, Linda and Mark need an upgrade on their cramped floating home and Linda's doing it by herself. Are enthusiasm and passion enough to get the job done? (S4 Ep4)
Brand new series: Pat and Sue plan to spend their retirement on a state-of-the-art Dutch barge. They have a healthy budget of £400k but will their expensive taste sink the project? (S4 Ep3)
Brand new series: Alan and Val put their savings on the line for a high-tech boat as a unique way to help them spend time with their family. Can they learn to live on the water? (S4 Ep2)
Brand new series: More stories of people trying to build their dream home on the water. Suffolk boatyard specialists Mary and Simon's dream is a futuristic aquatic pod. (S4 Ep1)
Brand new series: Celebrating 30 years married, Kurt and Roberta set out on a new adventure, trading their Seattle house for a luxury floating home near Vancouver. (S3 Ep8)
Brand new series: Netherlands fisherman Jan and his wife Geja embark on a new adventure, building a custom-designed floating home that will be part of a pioneering aquatic village. (S3 Ep7)
Brand new series: Aart and Nanouk face the emotional and financial ride of a lifetime as they bid to transform an old Dutch cargo ship from a hunk of metal into a dream home. (S3 Ep6)
Brand new series: Harry dropped anchor in Birmingham in his student days, splashing out £4500 on a 1970s canal boat. Now he has £1000 to bring this modest vessel up to date. (S3 Ep5)
Brand new series: A couple in Amsterdam hope to turn a titanic 254-ton industrial cement carrier into their dream waterborne home, in just seven months and on a budget of £135k. (S3 Ep4)
Brand new series: A couple who've fallen in love with the UK's waterways sell their massive house in South Africa as they set out to build a bespoke floating home in Bedfordshire. (S3 Ep3)
Brand new series: Colin, who's 55, is embarking on a bold life adventure. He plans to spend half the year cruising the UK's waterways on a high-spec narrowboat called Tickin Along. (S3 Ep2)
Brand new series: Classical pianists Masa and Rhiana, who love canal cruising, prepare to pour Masa's life savings into a floating home that's also a concert hall, and a hotel. (S3 Ep1)
The show follows the fate of two luxury floating homes in North America - a million dollar dream near Vancouver and a pair of high-end mansions in Seattle
Adventurous young professionals Ani and Charles take on a rusty old oil barge in Hampton on the Thames they want to turn into a rustic first home
A canal boat conversion with twin showers and a very big bed on the Grand Union in London. And in Portland, Oregon, a spacious two-storey floating home turns into a dramatic build.
An ambitious barge conversion on the River Medway hits stormy weather and rising tides. And there's a deluxe home in the Netherlands with cool underwater bedrooms.