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My Petsaurus

Preschool series. Chloe relaxes with her book and asks Topsy to fetch her slippers to warm her feet. However, Topsy hasn't quite learnt which shoe fits best.

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Series 1
Preschool series. Chloe is practising her recorder for school assembly, when a curious Topsy decides to join in with the music.
Preschool series. Chloe and Topsy are playing a game of fetch in the park, or at least they're trying to, but Topsy doesn't seem to quite understand the rules.
Preschool series. Chloe stages her own version of Crufts so she can show off Topsy's best tricks to Mum, but Topsy seems more interested in the treats than performing.
Preschool series. Chloe is busy painting a picture of herself and Topsy. Topsy is bored of waiting for her to finish and tries to help.
Preschool series. It's a chilly winter's day, and Chloe and her mum are walking Topsy in the park. They want to head home to get out of the cold, but Topsy doesn't agree.
Preschool series. Chloe has to get up early to feed Topsy. However, chaos ensues when greedy Topsy goes in for a second helping.
Series 5
Topsy helps Chloe to make sure she doesn’t forget anything when she packs for a holiday.
When Topsy and Tippy team up, Chloe finds out how troublesome two dinosaurs can be.
Fluffy sneaks into Megan’s chair whenever her back is turned. Can Megan outwit Fluffy to get her seat back?
Topsy and Tippy pine for Chloe when she pops out to the shop for a couple of minutes.
Fluffy proves to be a Yoga expert when she joins in with Megan’s practice.
Chloe and Topsy hang out the washing, although it might need cleaning again after Topsy’s finished helping.
A walk in the countryside leads Chloe and Topsy to meet some new friends and learn about the countryside code.
It’s time to vacuum, and Chloe’s determined to make Topsy less afraid of the noise. Maybe some treats will help?
Megan needs to practice her violin, so Fluffy decides to do some practicing too.
It’s Topsy’s naptime, so Chloe needs to be extra quiet to make sure he gets his much-needed rest.
Fluffy keeps getting in everyone's way as she hunts for the perfect spot to have a nap.
Chloe and Topsy have to think like detectives when they go looking for missing scrunchies.
Megan’s craft making is interrupted when Fluffy can’t decide whether to stay in or go out.