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Iaia is cooking a delicious stew from Guinea-Bissau called kansiye. The tasty dish is made with lentils and served with rice and carrots.

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Series 3
Choekyi is making momos, which are a type of dumpling filled with spinach, cheese and mushrooms. When her friends arrive to eat, Choekyi greets them in a traditional Tibetan way.
Jake is cooking traditional Australian meat pies using pastry circles and a filling made from lamb mince. Jake also has an Australian musical surprise for his friends.
Esmae invites her friends to a special seaside themed meal, complete with everyone’s favourite seaside food: fish served with sweet potato wedges and tartar sauce.
Mateo is cooking sopaipillas, which are made with sweet potato dough and served with a colourful pebre. Mateo also dresses up and shows his friends a traditional Chilean dance.
Aksara’s curry contains a very special ingredient: tamarind paste. She serves the curry in a traditional way – with rice and roti, on a banana leaf and with no knives and forks.
Kugelis is a Lithuanian dish that contains bacon, grated potato, eggs and spring onions. Harry serves the dish at a table decorated with colourful Lithuanian sashes.
Feijoada is a stew containing black beans and lots of other delicious ingredients. Aniyah serves it at her carnival-themed table, complete with bright and colourful headdresses.
Izaac is making Chorley cakes, a traditional cake recipe from Lancashire. He creates his own pastry circles, which are then filled with a fruity filling of dried cherries and currants.
Ameliya is cooking roti, a popular food from Trinidad and Tobago filled with carrot, cheese, pepper and spinach. Ameliya also has a Trinidadian surprise for her friends.