Mystery Lane

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Mystery Lane

Animated series. Clever reveals that she now knows the next location of the Evil Knight.

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Series 1
Animated series. The Queen comes to see Clever with an ultra-confidential mission.
Animated series. Athena calls on Clever and Bro when she and her master are attacked.
Animated series. A hamster is abducted by a creature with extraordinary abilities.
Animated series. Clever investigates a jewellery store robbery and a strange blackout.
Animated series. McFlare seeks Clever to help him flush out a famous criminal on the run.
Animated series. A mysterious hacker sets out to attack London's elite pet population.
Animated series. A famous outlaw sends a message that appears to threaten the Queen.
Animated series. The dog of a human detective from Scotland Yard vanishes in a park.
Animated series. A pigeon claims that the old Buckingham Palace aviary is haunted.
Animated series. The bite of a strange bat turns a friend of an alley cat into a vampire!
Animated series. The sweetest and most popular dog in the neighbourhood changes suddenly.
Animated series. A prestigious diamond on display at the British Museum is stolen.
Animated series. The sovereign of London animals is concerned by a series of cat kidnaps.
Animated series. Detective McFlare is sure that a diamond thief who is currently terrorising London will come after the Queen's diamond next - can it be defended?
Animated series. Scotland Yard pigeon Agent Paxton and Detective McFlare are attacked by a small, elusive, and mysterious adversary with ninja techniques.
Animated series. A long-clawed feline with a spotted coat and sculpted mask bursts into the Queen's bedroom in the middle of the night and whisks her away.
Animated series about a young guinea pig and her little brother who look to solve police investigations. A beauty contest poodle is attacked in her home one night by a tentacular creature.
Animated series. A cat named Jellybean comes to consult Clever: her master, a great violinist, lost his mind and broke his violin.
Animated series. Snowball and Charcoal, Clever's neighbours at the pet shop, are kidnapped during the night.