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After a concert at the music festival, Nick returns to the caravan for a spot of lunch - but what's that funny smell? Is it Norman again?

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Series 2
Nick and the Popcasters create a song about Nigel the Giraffe, who longs to see the view from the top of Primrose Hill.
While sorting through his hats, Nick realises his favourite hat is missing. Can today's Popcast song help him find it?
Nick and Norman are identifying the birds singing in the forest and hear a strange sound. It’s their broken cuckoo clock. Can the birds help them fix it by finding the missing key?
Nick and Norman are lost in outer space and need to get back home to Earth. They use the stars and the help of a special friend to show them the way.
Nick spots a beautiful deer wandering in the forest. Norman thinks it could be a unicorn because it only has one antler.
Today is Nick's birthday and he is super excited, until a card arrives with an odd message from the T-Rex. We hope it doesn't spoil Nick's special day!
Norman wants to get a pet dinosaur, but Nick and the Popcasters don't think this is a good idea. They try to convince Norman to pick another pet.
The Popcasters help Nick finish a song for the Popcast songbook about a busy beaver called Eva. As they sing, Eva is busy beavering away with a surprise for Nick.
Nick is trying his best to bake a special cake for Grandma’s birthday, but things don’t go to plan. The Popcasters tell him to keep on trying and he’ll get there in the end.
Nick and Norman are stuck up a 100-year-old oak tree. Nick discovers Grandpa’s old guitar and remembers playing it many years ago with his mum under the same old oak tree.
Nick, Remie and Alva are growing bean plants, but Norman's plant isn’t growing. Nick and the Popcasters suggest what Norman needs to do to get his beans back on the scene.
Norman is scared of the dark and can't get to sleep. Can Nick and the Popcasters find a song to help him snuggle down?
With help from some kittens, Nick and the Popcasters put on a big concert at the old town hall for two very special mums.
It's curry night, and Nick writes a song to help him remember to buy lots of healthy ingredients, but will he remember to buy Norman's dog treats?
After doing some exercise to start the day, Nick and Norman spot a moth and a sloth and realise that sometimes it's fun to take things nice and slow.
Nick tells his grandson Remie about Barbara, an old school friend. She used to be big and bad, but only because someone was being big and bad to her.
The caravan is visited by a little owl learning to fly. The owl and Alva, Nick's granddaughter, give Nick the perfect idea for today's song.
Nick and Norman get some help from a vampire bat called Valerie to write a Popcast song for their spooky party.
Series 3
Nick and the Popcasters create the perfect song to help a very tired bee get its buzz back.