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Ninja Express

Felix asks the Ninjas for a superpower so that he can meet Mega Powerful Man.

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Series 1
When their dear friend and very first customer, Bonnie, orders a tent, the Ninjas travel down memory lane as they recount their first meeting and first ever delivery!
A frantic bride needs a romantic ice sculpture to appease her nervous groom, so the Ninjas travel to the north pole to deliver a wedding day she will never forget.
Needing a rocking horse for his daughter’s birthday present, a dad asks Ninja Express for help, only for them to return with the legendary Trojan Horse.
In order to crown a new king, Merlin summons the Ninjas to pull the legendary sword from the stone. After a few tries, they realize the solution is right under their noses.
Desperate for peace and quiet, an alien leader orders an entertainer.
The Ninjas realise that a spy has been following them to help a copycat.
With his crew on the verge of a mutiny, a pirate captain and his parrot order a treasure trove to placate them, leading the Ninjas on a trip to the Egyptian pyramids.
Merlina summons the Ninjas to find her an amazing magic trick to impress the judges.
A scientist borrows the Ninjas’ powers and takes her pet bird on a trip around the world.
A trainee witch asks the Ninjas to find her a cat so she can pass her magic exam.
Twin sisters ask the Ninjas to help them find them another flying rug to replace the one that they ripped, but it's Konpeki’s pet snails who save the day.
In preparation for his mother's visit, an orc summons the Ninjas to find an orc cleaner to make his house dirty again after two fairies cleaned up his mess.
A girl orders a beatboxing teacher after seeing a professional beatboxer in the park. However, the Ninjas must first figure out what beatboxing is.
Keen to join a race with her classmates, a cavegirl orders a tame T-rex from the Ninjas.
Coach is in need of a ping-pong player for a charity competition.
While searching for the mysterious yeti, online adventurer Daiyu orders a can opener. However, as they try to deliver, the Ninjas realise the yeti doesn’t want to be found.
A nightwatchman at a museum is baffled when an Egyptian exhibition keeps moving around, so he asks the Ninjas to deliver a detective who can solve the mystery.
A brave little girl orders a shield to protect her from a monster.
After some playful gnomes take her phone, a mum and her son ask the Ninjas for help.