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Nova Jones

Official music video for I Can by Nova Jones.

The Jefferson Crew enters cyberspace to fend off some online meanies. The strangers’ opinions don’t worry Nova until they attack her sister. Rap-battle ready - Nova takes on the trolls.
Nova is shocked to be arrested for being too talented. When she is sent to prison, only McLaren can save her. Captain wonders what other jobs he might have had.
Nova’s next gig will wreck the home of the hairy Barnetbeasts - and she doesn’t even care.
Nova needs to be nice to continue her tour, but access is denied when McLaren develops a mean streak. If Nova can’t pass through, it could mark the end of her career.
Nova and McLaren discover that pop rival Johnarchy is their big brother. How does Nova feel about being a little sister? And how will her little sister handle a new big brother?
Nova launches her own reality TV show and upsets the crew in the name of entertainment.
Nova teaches tone-deaf Bobbles to sing, and McLaren becomes obsessed with a TV show.
Nova meets her mirror twin, avoN - but is she just a bad influence on herself?
To avoid tidying her room, Nova runs for President of the Universe.
Nova’s unfinished tune is so catchy that it creates a new life form! Everyone aboard has caught the earworm and is humming along. She must finish the song to stop the infection.
It’s Nova v Sid as the universe’s biggest pop star enters its silliest sports contest.
Official music video for Come Alive by Nova Jones.
With McLaren away, Nova accidentally creates a wall-smashing robot doll. Meanwhile, Sid becomes obsessed with a building project, and Captain falls out with Digit and gets a new arm.
Nova is having an off day, and, as her worries pile up, the colour in her life disappears. McLaren learns a valuable lesson about the gloomy greys and being there for her sister.
Find out who’s the biggest diva - Nova Jones or Diva Donna? Or maybe it’s Captain and his rising followers - can McLaren cope with three divas on the ship?
Nova loves her high-energy workouts with Boulder but feels left out when the crew skip training to party with McLaren. Determined to win everyone back, she enlists Sid to help.
Nova is unhappy that a fan wasn’t enjoying her show, and her resulting huge tantrum rattles the Jefferson and upsets a sleeping baby planet.
Nova wants to win the Boodlebeegan Song Contest, but when she accidentally finds a way to enter, she discovers that not every competition needs to be won.
Nova is thrown back in time and becomes trapped in her old girl band, Three’s the Charm. McLaren and Captain are unhappyily stuck in their old jobs, and it’s time for Nova to go solo.