Octonauts: Above & Beyond

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Octonauts: Above & Beyond

A shortage of cocoa sends Tunip and the Vegimals to the Amazon.

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Series 2
A storm carries sharks into a swamp, so the Octonauts must help all the creatures coexist.
Periwinkle strays during a Bialowieza forest mission and discovers a rare European bison.
A drought brings the Octonauts to the Amazon where they find a baby eaglet in trouble.
Series 4
On a mission to study caddisfly silk, Bud and Paani get washed down a river.
A replanting mission is interrupted when a gazelle goes missing just as a sandstorm hits.
Series 2
Ranger Marsh recounts Shellington's journey to reunite a monitor lizard with his siblings.
Tracker finds trapped creatures in an underground tunnel after falling into a sinkhole.
Paani saves a newborn goose, then seeks the Octonauts' help to decipher its behaviour.
When a herd of elephants is trapped in a cave, the Octonauts have to get them out quickly!
Paani seeks refuge in a grouse's burrow during a snowstorm but then gets trapped.
Series 4
When a blizzard hits, Captain Barnacles will need to use all his Arctic survival tactics.
The Octonauts must clear a logjam while protecting a family of birds.
Series 2
The Octonauts stage a pirate-worthy rescue as young, three-toed sloths drift out to sea.
Professor Natquik finds a red fox has moved into his home as a storm traps them both in!
While tracking in the Congolese jungle, the Octonauts come upon a mysterious creature.
Paani finds a lonely, worried frog, and with the help of the Octonauts, searches for his family.
Some baby longfin eels vanish, prompting the Octonauts to investigate the mystery.
Series 4
While collecting pictures, Dashi and Shellington get trapped in a flooding cave.
A baby elephant separated from its herd needs the Octonauts' help swimming to safety.