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Oggy Oggy and Mallow lose a precious drawing which floats to the top of the volcano.

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Series 1
Oggy Oggy helps Santa Paws distribute gifts. But Prankster is trying to steal them all.
Series 2
Sporty is disappointed: although it's Christmas, there's no snow!
Series 1
Oggy Oggy helps Sporty find out who stole the stars from the sky.
Series 1, Episode 32 - Fraidy Cat of Oggy Oggy was added on Thursday 14 December 2023. Oggy Oggy is a TV show on Channel 5. The program has been available since 2022.
Oggy Oggy visits his friend the PolarCat.
Oggy Oggy ruins the Sheep's surprise for ShepherdCat.
Oggy Oggy the lifeguard, creates problems by being overly zealous.
Oggy Oggy becomes jealous that Mallow is better at building things.
Oggy Oggy gets stranded in space with AviatorCat.
Oggy Oggy organises a fantastic concert for FarmerCat.
Impressed by WildCat, Oggy Oggy decides to do everything just like him.
PoliceCat is extremely strict and reprimands other cats for breaking rules.
Oggy Oggy has to deliver a cargo of Raspberry Juice by train, but Prankster steals it.
Mallow dreams of seeing a shooting star, so Oggy Oggy helps get him one.
Oggy Oggy and PirateCat challenge Sporty and Mallow to a sledding race.
Oggy Oggy looks after the farm in FarmerCat's absence and asks his friends to help.
PoliceCat's cap lands on Oggy Oggy, leading to Oggy learning about police work.
Oggy Oggy helps Mallow gain some confidence by achieving simple tasks.
Oggy Oggy and Sporty change the weather so that the snow does not melt and they can ski.