Olga Da Polga

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Olga Da Polga

The Sawdust family are getting ready for winter. Olga prepares for a polar expedition, but it turns out her winter journey will take the guinea pigs into the cosy family house.

Series 2
It’s the weekend, and Mrs Sawdust is enjoying a lie-in. But when Olga overhears a conversation, she thinks a scary lion has moved in! What can she do to save everyone?
It’s time for Karen to return to school. When Olga overhears the Sawdusts talking about the first day back, she thinks the animals are going too and organises some unusual lessons!
Karen’s new French-speaking friend Marie is visiting for a play date. It turns out that Olga can speak French too when she squeaks out 'weee', which sounds just like 'oui'!
Granny and Grandpa Sawdust are coming to look after Karen and the family pets, but Granny is terrified of small furry animals. Can Olga and Daisy change her mind?
Olga and Daisy spend more time with their new seaside guinea pig friend Boris. But where does he get his incredible ideas from? Can he really have been a policeman and a pilot?
Olga and Daisy head off with the Sawdusts for a holiday with Karen’s cousin Calum. They’re amazed when Calum’s guinea pig Boris is an even bigger tale-spinner than Olga.
When he hears about a trip to the vet, Noel goes into hiding. Olga decides that she’s going to find him. She tracks down Noel using her remarkable detective skills.
Olga overhears Karen and Mr Sawdust planning a camping trip. She thinks that she’s heading into the wilds for a big adventure, but the tent ends up right next to Olga’s hutch!
Olga worries when she hears that there’s a bug about which seems to have caught Karen. Olga tells the tale of Super Piggy, but it’s Olga and Daisy who
Olga worries that Karen will be dressing as a cat like Noel for Halloween. But to her delight, when Karen comes out to show off her costume, she is dressed as Olga!
Olga thinks there’s a snake in the garden. But she is proved wrong when she finds out the ‘snake’ is just the garden hose. How is she going tell the others she got it wrong?
Olga tells her friends that her new roommate is international celebrity Daisy La Squeak, but it turns out to be a sweet young guinea pig just like her!
Series 1
The Sawdusts are going on holiday. Mrs Sawdust reveals that Olga is being take to ‘you know where’. It turns out to be a guinea pig holiday home with an eager audience for Olga’s tales.
Olga is treated to a photo shoot. She tells her friends she has become a famous model, but the truth is not quite as glamorous!
Karen brings home some mysterious creatures, but who are they and where did they come from? Olga asks Noel for help to investigate the mystery.
Olga enters the Big Squeak - a competition to find the loudest guinea pig in town! However, a game results in Olga needing help to beat the other very squeaky guinea pigs.
A loud noise is upsetting Mr Sawdust. What could it be? Maybe it's a dragon! Olga claims she can control the dragon, but is she telling the truth?
A thunderstorm scares Olga into thinking that the sky is falling down. After a visit to the vet, Olga has a rest inside the Sawdusts' home, where she’s inspired by a ballet on TV.
Olga wants to be picked to perform at Karen’s school show and tell. She tries to convince her friends of her talents, but will nerves get the better of her?