On The Edge


S2 E3: Adulting

4.0 15 x
Series two of the BAFTA-nominated drama anthology. Vulnerable Candice moves into her own flat and befriends down-on-his-luck Kems, who soon learns that Candice is not to be underestimated.

S2 E2: For You

3.0 3 x
Series two of the BAFTA-nominated drama anthology. Rev controls his mental health issues with therapy, medication and help from his girlfriend. But at a family wedding it all gets too much.

S2 E1: BBW

3.8 93 x
Series two of the BAFTA-nominated drama anthology. Remi is a young, plus-size woman trying to find her voice when everyone around her thinks they know best. Can she take back control?
Episodes 2018

A Mother's Love

Expired 4.0 19 x
The lives of a single mum and her 11-year-old son are shattered when he witnesses a gangland crime and is asked to testify against the killer.

Through The Gates

Expired 4.0 8 x
Young offender Aimee and her disillusioned parole officer Tessa are from different worlds, can they escape from the cycles they're trapped in?

That Girl

Expired 4.0 9 x
When free-spirited Ashley is forced to confront a past reality she tried to bury, her life begins to unravel. Will she take the law into her own hands?
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