On Thin Ice: Putin V Greenpeace

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On Thin Ice: Putin V Greenpeace

A Beatle joins the fight, the protestors finally get bail and then a major amnesty before the 2014 Sochi Olympics free them to return home, but things go rapidly downhill for Russia.

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Series 1
Footage of the 2013 illegal boarding must be smuggled out of prison in time for an international tribunal. The imprisoned activists pin their hopes on being released on bail.
The 2013 campaign to free the activists gets underway, but a Kremlin smear campaign is initiated. Conditions in prison are brutal, and one of the prisoners is rushed to hospital.
The ship is captured in the 2013 peaceful protest and towed to Murmansk. The activists expect a 48-hour detention but are charged with piracy, which carries a 15-year sentence.
Two climbers are captured by the Russian coastguard in the 2013 protest. Shots are fired. The FSB captures the ship, but the activists try to keep filming.
September 2013. The activists set off for the Arctic, but they’re being tailed by Russian security forces, and their actions at the oil rig are met with brutal force.