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The One Zoo Three zoo celebrates the opening of some amazing new animal habitats with a new den for the sun bears - but will the jaguars feature pad be a bit hit or miss?

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Series 2
The One Zoo Three brothers create a winter wonderland at the zoo, with special festive treats for the Amur tigers. Meanwhile, Tim and Tam the Tapirs tuck into a winter vegetable challenge!
It’s a Halloween spooktacular at the zoo as the animals receive some eerie delights. There are creepy pumpkins for the lions, but will the meerkats brave their haunted house?
The brothers celebrate Chinese New Year with the big cats. Can some tasty Chinese lanterns help Luka the Amur leopard break the ice with his neighbour Xizi?
The brothers check out who the alpha animals are at the zoo. What will the lions make of the brothers’ homemade zebras? And how will Jet the lanner falcon’s new tail feathers fare?
The brothers check out their resident dinosaur descendants! Will the black hornbills' new love hut work its magic? And will penguin chick Marli brave her first dip?
The brothers celebrate some of the zoo’s legends and hold a special birthday party for their oldest animal, Newt the gibbon. And Cam builds some new ramps for arthritic meerkat Freya.
Series 4
The brothers are at San Diego Zoo Safari Park to learn about saving endangered species. They come face to face with rhinos, giraffes and the California condor.
Series 2
Everyone at the zoo is put through their paces on a special training day. Aaron heads off to collect Nina the super-long anaconda, and Tyler tries to outsmart Tierra the caracara.
It’s Valentine’s Day at the zoo, and the brothers prepare some tasty romantic treats for the animals - but will Cam find out who his secret admirer is?
It’s health check day as the brothers make sure the big cats have luscious coats, sharp claws and sparkling clean teeth, while Inka the jaguar cub dives into a big pile of leaves.
The brothers play musical statues with a dwarf crocodile, search for hidden lizards and spread a new sandpit for the camels.
The brothers help prepare for the arrival of Luka, a rare Amur leopard. Aaron gives snow leopard cub Shen a health check - and will Kadera the jaguar rise to her challenge?
It’s a busy day at the zoo as the brothers get stuck into lots of important odd jobs. They recycle a shower to cool down the hot otters, and Aaron makes a splash cleaning out the duck pond.
Cam, Tyler and Aaron want to hold a superhero-themed party inspired by the superpowers of the zoo’s most incredible animals, including their camel’s super-slurping suction.
The One Zoo Three brothers join keeper Briony at the cat sanctuary, where the animals limber up for a wild day of sport and Jua the serval jumps for gold.
The One Zoo Three brothers are on a mission to compose a zoo musical using the sounds of the animals, and Tyler takes on a breathtaking challenge with an anaconda.
Series 4
The brothers visit San Diego Zoo to meet some supersized species including the huge Komodo dragon, the majestic Andean condor and the awe-inspiring polar bears.
There's a festival vibe at the zoo with the arrival of two new Asiatic lions. Meanwhile, cute red panda cub Tashi gets a check-up.
The brothers are excited to say hello to a new, mystery animal, but sad to say goodbye to Inka the adorable black jaguar.