Operation Ouch!

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Operation Ouch!

There is a supersized giant nail in the lab as the Doctors show how your nails are made. But what happens if you stub your toe, don’t eat enough veg, or get a fungal infection?

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May 2024
The doctors celebrate as the NHS turns 75. They award Ouch Hero medals in the hospital, hear Ouchers’ big NHS stories and travel through time!
Series 12
It’s superhero time as the doctors do battle over skin, there is incredible eye surgery to restore sight, and the Ouch & About pod is ready for questions.
Dr Xand is shocked when Dr Chris suggests making pizza in the lab! However, little does he know, he is about to have his arms set in plaster as the doctors reveal how elbows work.
Dr Xand has broken the rules and snuck a marble run into the lab, but will Dr Chris notice in today’s blood pressure experiment?! And there is a life-saving mission in Australia.
There is a pong or two in the lab as the Doctors discover how smell conjures up memories, and the Time Machine lands in 1778 on a search for Mr Grumbles’ missing inhaler.
Dr Xand turns fire juggler to reveal the body's secret sense – proprioception, but will Dr Chris spot something is up? Dr Dan investigates organs on chips, with no salt and vinegar!
The doctors demonstrate the power of the pelvis by going head-to-head in a man v monkey contest! And there is ice cream for Mr Grumbles when the Time Machine zooms back to the 1950s.
There’s a snot-tastic dose of Ouchology as the doctors face tough medical questions, and a VIP guest is due in the lab to help explain why DNA is a funny, twisty shape.
Dr Chris and Dr Xand look at the cool bit of body kit that sucks tears away, and prepare for lift-off in a mind-boosting mission to space!
What have humans got in common with a mantis shrimp? Body crystals! Find out how the human body controls where they do and don’t grow in a toilet-tastic game.
The Operation Ouch! 3D cinema is open! The Doctors look at the incredible eye muscles that control focus on things close-up and far away.
A world champion whistler pops in to help the doctors and Billy Bones whistle! And the doctors travel through time to an operating theatre where you wouldn't want to be a patient.
Dr Xand’s in a spin to show why dizziness occurs, the Flying Doctors help a baby in Australia, and Dr Raph takes an icy dip as he meets a Brilliant Body who swims in the Antarctic
Find out how fast your nerves work in a snotty experiment that sees Dr Xand blow a fuse, and the Cupboard of Everything is time travelling to a very smelly Victorian street!
Things get explosive when Dr Chris and Dr Xand look at how spots are made, plus an incredible emergency service at work in Australia: the Flying Doctors.