Operation Pawsome

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Operation Pawsome

Eadie and Luna team up with Zuma to make some ROARsome animal masks for a trip to the zoo!

Series 1
Luna and Harry team up with Chase to plan the best Sports Day ever at Paw Patrol HQ!
Andel and Harry join forces with Rubbel to build a new Paw Patrol vehicle.
Andel and Evelyn team up with Rocky to create a homemade bowling alley.
Ayla and Oliver work alongside Skye to make some delicious smoothies.
Eadie and Evelyn work alongside Rubble to cook some delicious homemade pitta bread pizzas.
Eadie and Oliver team up with Skye to make the Paw Patrol HQ garden Bee friendly.
Bai and Forrest team up with Skye to make some rocking guitars for tonight's music show!
Buddy and Eadie join forces with Chase to build a pawsome carebox for a poorly neighbour.
Eadie and Luna join forces with Zuma to bake chocolate chip cookies for the school bake.
Ayla and Andel work alongside Rubble to build the comfiest den ever for Sleepover Club.
Evelyn and Oliver team up with Marshal to bake a yummy banana cake for Tracker's birthday.
Luna and Oliver team up with Rocky to make a birdhouse for the garden.