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December 1953: Oppenheimer has been accused of being a Soviet agent. Oppenheimer has to choose between resignation or facing a security hearing.

Series 1
1949: Oppenheimer is now a top government adviser with the Atomic Energy Commission. But the Oppenheimer family number among the first targets of the McCarthy witch-hunts.
May 1945: Oppenheimer is called to discuss with the secretary of war the use of the nearly completed atomic bomb. But does he share his colleagues' misgivings?
Summer 1944: The race against the Germans to produce an atomic weapon continues apace. Oppenheimer faces difficulties with his staff and with the development of the bomb itself.
1943: Oppenheimer is Director of Los Alamos atomic bomb laboratory, but his past Communist associations alert the FBI.
1942: With America now fully involved in the war, Oppenheimer has given up teaching and is engaged in the race against Germany to produce an atomic bomb.
Robert Oppenheimer, physics professor, finds the discovery of nuclear fission and the appearance of Kitty Harrison changes the course of his life.