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Frustrated by her friends’ lack of interest in their homework, Leia becomes rebellious.

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Series 1
Oswaldo, Leia and Tobias try a new VR space game with Zander - but it turns into hard work.
When an argument between Oswaldo and Mitchell escalates, an unlikely gang step in to help.
Vivian learns she has been excluded from a school coconut war because she wins everything.
Ozzy is fired from the school cafeteria because the place is too dirty. Oswaldo, Leia and Tobias try to help him get his job back by cleaning the place.
Leia and Tobias have a big fight, and their friendship is over! Now they are fighting to see who is Oswaldo’s best and only friend.
Leia invites Oswaldo to be her assistant during one of her board game-themed videocasts.
Oswaldo and Tobias decide to play Iaser tag at a rundown place downtown.
Oswaldo goes to a video game rental store for the first time.
Oswaldo gets help from Janet to learn how to be classy for a gala dinner. However, he ends up losing all his personality!
Tobias is sad because he lost his fish Charlie Fisher. Oswaldo tries to cheer him up but ends up realising that he is also sad and doesn’t know how to deal with it.
Oswaldo, Leia and Tobias learn how to be rebels, but soon realise it's not so much fun.
Leia tries to uncover the secret of Jermaine’s magic tricks.
Leia plots to scare Oswaldo after he claims that he is not afraid of a new horror movie.
Oswaldo, Leia and Tobias are excited about the release of a new game from a famous RPG franchise in Zander’s shop.
After a client shares a secret, Tobias wonders if his dad sacrificed his true dream.
On their way to a concert, the kids get trapped in a service station by an evil AI robot. Leia and Tobias try to leave, but Oswaldo is convinced the robot is his new best friend.
Oswaldo meets the talented Lanky Lance, who agrees to partner with him in the soda cap race.
Leia discovers campaigning is hard work when she runs against Tobias for class president.
After having his wedding photo album stolen by a mysterious lake creature, Gibraltar throws a challenge to hunt the monster.