Our Family

Series 5

Series 5, Episode 10 - George and Freddie's Woodland Adventure

4.0 13 x
George and Freddie plan a woodland adventure. On their intrepid journey, they discover wiggly bugs and great trees to climb. But will they escape the troll hiding under the bridge?

Series 5, Episode 9 - Meet George and Freddie's Family

4.0 0 x
George and Freddie love having fun! After a hearty breakfast, they set up an obstacle course for Mum and Dad. It looks easy, but can they complete it blindfolded?

Series 5, Episode 16 - Meet Kyra and Khloe's Family

4.0 0 x
Kyra and Khloe go on a family day out to a farm. There’s lots to do, including a pony ride, or is that a unicorn? And they brave some very sticky mud to pick some perfect pumpkins!

Series 5, Episode 15 - Iona and Elba's Family Fun Day

3.0 0 x
It’s all about family for Iona and Elba as they discover their family history with a family tree, and enjoy a fabulous family breakfast full of pancake flipping!

Series 5, Episode 14 - Henry Goes Pond Dipping

3.0 2 x
Henry takes his fishing net to a nearby pond to have a go at shrimping! It’s not easy as the shrimp are good at hiding. Luckily, Henry comes up with a plan. But will it work?

Series 5, Episode 13 - Henry Puts on a Puppet Show

4.0 2 x
Henry plans a puppet show and makes a whole host of puppets, including a dinosaur and a princess. What will the audience think of the big performance?

Series 5, Episode 12 - Amanpreet Goes Biking

3.0 0 x
Super speedy Amanpreet challenges her sister Amrit to a race around a muddy bike track. But who will win? And will they ever wash off all that mud?

Series 5, Episode 8 - Meet Ted's Family

3.0 1 x
Ted organizes a family tea party for his sister Sofia’s birthday. He makes delicious cupcakes and plans a scavenger hunt as a surprise. But will Sofia find all the hidden presents?

Series 5, Episode 7 - Queen Audrey Goes to the Beach

4.0 1 x
Audrey plays at being a queen and holds a royal tea party. Later, there are jewels and gems with some homemade necklaces. But what will Mummy make of her glittery surprise?

Series 5, Episode 19 - George and Freddie Play Dino-Tennis

3.0 0 x
Mum and Dad have a treat in store for George and Freddie. It’s a special tennis game including dinosaurs, bees, and smiley faces. But will they score an ace?