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Our Family

Audrey visits a farmyard and gets to feed some of the animals. Like any good farmer, she enjoys a cuddle with a baby goat before heading off on a tractor ride!

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Series 6
Ted braves the great outdoors and sets up camp in his backyard! The family enjoys hot dogs and toasted marshmallows around the tent before a night sleeping under the stars.
Eden and Ava go rollerskating in the park. Ava’s a little unsteady on her skates, but luckily Eden has lots of good tips for her. Will Ava be able to keep up with her big sister?
Eden and Ava enjoy a pretend picnic and invent amazing recipes like strawberry stew! They build a den and imagine they’re camping. But what was that noise outside? Roar!
Snip snip snip! Audrey visits the hairdresser. What will she think of her new haircut?
Series 6
Kyra and Khloe visit a bird centre and meet lots of new feathered friends.
Kyra and Khloe visit Nana and make some cakes to surprise her with. They have a picnic in Nana’s garden and rescue a worm! But will Nana like the cakes? And will the worm be alright?
Ted and his family head to the beach for a day of fun. Ted tries his hand at making a sandcastle. When it doesn’t go quite to plan, Dad’s on hand with some top tips.
Ted and his Dad team up to make marvellous meatballs for the family’s dinner. Squidgy meat and bendy spaghetti – it’s the slurpiest meal you’ve ever seen!
Iona and Elba pretend to be astronauts and blast off into space! They land on Mars and discover aliens who look a lot like Mum and Dad.
Eden and Ava enjoy a family breakfast filled with yummy porridge and milk moustaches!
Series 6
It’s party time for Elba’s birthday with lots of balloons, games and fun. And there’s a big surprise in store when a robot arrives with Elba’s favourite chocolate cake!
Freddie and George embark on a dinosaur treasure hunt in their garden. Later, they look for more treasure when they pretend to be pirates. But will they find the gold?
Eden and Ava enjoy a family exercise session led by Dad. It’s lots of fun! Later, it’s time for dog training as Eden and Ava meet up with their Uncle Leonard and his puppy Sky.
Eden and Ava pretend to be superheroes! They go on a mission to rescue a toy that’s become lost in the woods. But will the heroes find the toy and save the day?
Series 5
Mum and Dad have a treat in store for George and Freddie. It’s a special tennis game including dinosaurs, bees, and smiley faces. But will they score an ace?
George and Freddie take part in a very special game of tennis. Game, set and match!
Series 5
Grandma comes to look after George and Freddie for the day and there’is some extra excitement in store when it starts to snow! But will there be enough to build a snowman?
Kyra and Khloe use their imaginations and enjoy lots of pretend play. There’s an evil queen, a magical apple, a princess, leaf monsters, and even crocodiles. What an adventure!
Kyra and Khloe go on a family day out to a farm. There’s lots to do, including a pony ride, or is that a unicorn? And they brave some very sticky mud to pick some perfect pumpkins!