Our Family

September 2021

Fun: 7. Ted Feeds Some Deer

3.0 0 x
Ted visits a wildlife park and becomes an animal keeper! Will the deer like the food he’s brought for them?

Fun: 6. Amanpreet Paints a Portrait

4.0 2 x
Amanpreet gets arty and has a go at painting Mum’s portrait.

Fun: 5. Henry's Terrific Trampolining

4.0 2 x
Henry has some brilliant bouncy fun with Mummy and sister Sophie!
August 2021

Fun: 4. Eden and Ava's Superhero Mission

4.0 1 x
Eden and Ava pretend to be superheroes and go on a mission to rescue their toy!

Fun: 3. Audrey Plays Table Tennis

3.0 8 x
Audrey has a table tennis lesson with her coach Harry. How will Audrey do?

Fun: 2. George and Freddie's Pirate Adventure

3.0 5 x
George and Freddie pretend to be pirates and head to a nearby boating lake. But will they find any treasure?

Series 6, Episode 20 - King Henry

4.0 3 x
Henry and his sister Sophie transform into King Henry and Queen Sophie. Along with their noble knights (Mummy and Mama!), they head out on a quest to rescue their toy turtle Pebbles.

Series 6, Episode 19 - Ted Goes Wild

4.5 8 x
Ted visits a wildlife park and helps look after the animals. He feeds the deer, gets a close-up look at a bison’s gigantic tongue, and has a chat with a very noisy otter!

Series 6, Episode 18 - Ted's Brilliant Bug Hunt

4.0 7 x
Ted and his family go on a walk through the woods, and everyone joins in a big bug hunt! But what creepy crawlies will they find, and is that a troll hiding under the bridge?

Series 4, Episode 18 - Isla and Noah's Seaside Holiday

4.0 7 x
Preschool observational documentary series. Today, Isla and Noah go to the seaside, where they meet a pirate and go for a ride on his ship.