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Our Family

It’s all about family for Iona and Elba as they discover their family history with a family tree, and enjoy a fabulous family breakfast full of pancake flipping!

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June 2024
Kyra and Khloe dress up as a wicked queen and a princess. What will happen when the princess eats a red apple?
Series 5
Henry takes his fishing net to a nearby pond to have a go at shrimping! It’s not easy as the shrimp are good at hiding. Luckily, Henry comes up with a plan. But will it work?
Henry plans a puppet show and makes a whole host of puppets, including a dinosaur and a princess. What will the audience think of the big performance?
Super speedy Amanpreet challenges her sister Amrit to a race around a muddy bike track. But who will win? And will they ever wash off all that mud?
Amanpreet and her family visit a safari park and Amanpreet becomes a zookeeper. There’s a giraffe buffet and a rhino mud bath! It’s a mucky job, but someone’s got to do it.
George and Freddie plan a woodland adventure. On their intrepid journey, they discover wiggly bugs and great trees to climb. But will they escape the troll hiding under the bridge?
Ted gets busy in the kitchen, but what will his family think of his cooking?
Series 5
George and Freddie love having fun! After a hearty breakfast, they set up an obstacle course for Mum and Dad. It looks easy, but can they complete it blindfolded?
Ted organizes a family tea party for his sister Sofia’s birthday. He makes delicious cupcakes and plans a scavenger hunt as a surprise. But will Sofia find all the hidden presents?
Audrey plays at being a queen and holds a royal tea party. Later, there are jewels and gems with some homemade necklaces. But what will Mummy make of her glittery surprise?
Chef Audrey makes a delicious pizza for the whole family, followed by a game of snakes and ladders. It’s close run with lots of ups and downs, but who will be the champion?
Eden and Ava set up a beauty salon and make their very own face mask mixture. Dad pops along for a beauty treatment, but will his visit leave him feeling relaxed?
Amanpreet visits a safari park and feeds a hungry giraffe. Look out for his long tongue!
Series 5
Mum has a magical wizarding surprise waiting for Iona and Elba, including goblin goo! Later, the family head out to launch their kite in the windy sky – but will it take flight?
Grandma helps George and Freddie to build a snowman!
Scoops and cones at the ready as Iona and Elba make some tasty ice creams!
Super-speedy Amanpreet challenges her big sister Amrit to a race - but who will win?
Kyra and Khloe visit a farm where they meet two beautiful ponies. After a quick grooming, they get to take their new friends out for a ride.
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Series 5, Episode 16 - Meet Kyra and Khloe's Family

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Kyra and Khloe go on a family day out to a farm. There’s lots to do, including a pony ride, or is that a unicorn? And they brave some very sticky mud to pick some perfect pumpkins!