Our Flag Means Death

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Our Flag Means Death

After watching the Republic of Pirates crumble, Stede and Zheng pursue Prince Ricky Barnes, the Revenge crew schemes to escape imprisonment, and Blackbeard plots a return to piracy.

Series 2
As Blackbeard re-evaluates his life, Stede revels in his new-found infamy. With some help from Jim, Oluwande reunites with a hesitant Zheng.
While the crew celebrates Calypso's birthday, Blackbeard faces a violent party crasher seeking revenge.
As Blackbeard remains plagued by the distrust of his crew, Izzy schools Stede on how to be an effective captain.
After he's banished from the Revenge, Blackbeard unwittingly receives relationship advice from some dysfunctional old friends.
While the Revenge crew gleefully reunites under Zheng's reign, Stede attempts to bring back Blackbeard, who must face his own difficult truths.
Aboard Zheng's ship, Stede, Olu and Black Pete have surprising revelations, while Blackbeard's crew plot their revenge.
While Stede adjusts to his new normal, a heartbroken Blackbeard fills the void with daily raids – sparking concern amongst Izzy and the crew.
Series 1
Upon discovering that his family has moved on in his absence, Stede vows to make things right with his wife Mary.
At the mercy of Chauncy and the British, Stede and Blackbeard renounce their pirating ways in a desperate attempt to escape execution.
After Blackbeard's old pal Calico Jack pays a visit to the Revenge, Stede begins to feel like the third wheel.
Fearing an outbreak of scurvy, the crew stops in St Augustine, where the search for citrus leads to a run-in with a major figure from Jim's past.
Inspired by Blackbeard's words of wisdom, Stede enlists the Revenge's crew to help him intimidate an incoming merchant ship.
When Blackbeard decides he wants to try his hand at playing aristocrat, Stede, Oluwande and Frenchie assume new identities to accompany him to a fancy party.
While a feverish Stede flashes back to scenes of his marriage, Blackbeard experiences his own identity crisis. Jim suffers through questions from the over-curious crew.
As Stede tries to sell himself as the 'gentleman pirate', his men take a trip in hope of ransoming the remaining hostage.