Our School

January 2020

Series 5: 15. And Then There Were Eight

4.0 18 x
Everyone wants to win a place on the school trip to France. For Marcus, it's a chance to show teachers he can challenge his behaviour and push himself out of his comfort zone.

Series 5: 14. Can't Play? Will Play!

4.0 1 x
Can a group of students who have never liked or played rugby before become a team? They embark on a whirlwind of special coaching and team building in order to represent the school in a match.

Series 5: 13. Vote for Me

4.0 5 x
Year 8's Farrah campaigns to win an election to join the Welsh Youth Parliament.

Series 5: 12. Leap of Faith

3.0 2 x
The Our School students take a trip into the outdoors and face the biggest challenge of their lives.

Series 5: 10. Our Scary Movie

3.0 0 x
Year 8 get the chance to turn their very own ghost story into a spooky movie, complete with red-carpet premiere. For Delyn, it's a great chance to turn round her behaviour in class.
December 2019

Series 5: 20. Our School Rocks

4.0 12 x
It's the night of the big talent show, and the students show off their talents to celebrate the end of term, looking back on the fun and challenges they have shared together.

Series 5: 16. Would You Eat Frogs' Legs?

4.0 11 x
The Year 8 students take the ferry to France for a series of adventures and new experiences.

Series 5: 19. Get Your Act Together

3.0 18 x
The big talent show is coming up and Year 7 Aydn’s singing talent is spotted. And Union J's Jaymi pops in.

Series 5: 18. The Magic of Christmas

3.0 6 x
Christmas is coming and Mrs Worth has a challenge for Year 7's Lucy and Zainab. Meanwhile, art teacher Mr Cox spots a student with talent and arranges a life class with a difference.
November 2019

Series 5: 17. Keep Calm and Carry On

3.0 4 x
What happens when students don't stay in class and don't do what they're supposed to? Can the teachers help Ty and Kian take control of their unacceptable behaviour before it's too late?
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