Our School

November 2019

Series 5: 11. Teaching Me Tidy

3.0 0 x
Best friends Kevin and Jacob go head to head in an inter-class spelling bee. Plus, there's a noisy maths quiz in which the teams literally have to run to answer the questions. It's all to play for!
October 2019

Series 5: 9. Partners in Crime

3.0 3 x
There has been a crime at Our School, and it's up to Jack to help a forensic team find out who did it. Also, the police bring in some of their working dogs to show off their amazing skills.

Series 5: 8. Face Your Fears

3.0 0 x
We all have something that scares us, but what happens when Yara comes face to face with hers? How will she react when the tarantula comes to school?

Series 5: 7. A Slice of Pizza

4.0 0 x
The students battle it out to invent a brand new, healthy pizza for the school menu, choosing their ingredients and cooking against the clock.

Series 5: 6. Lessons in Gunge

4.0 2 x
How would you cope with a whole day of lessons while sitting in a bath of gunge? It's charity day in school and from gunge to wet sponges, it's all about raising funds with fun.

Series 5: 5. Plastic Not Fantastic

4.0 1 x
The students become plastic busters with a project to collect waste plastic from school. And they also find out what is being done to protect their community from discarded plastic.
September 2019

Series 5: 4. Here Comes Trouble

3.0 0 x
School can be a noisy place, especially if your class includes a cheeky chappy like Logan who never stops talking! Meanwhile Ethan - who can feel nervous and shy - works hard on his confidence.

Series 5: 3. When School Sucked

4.0 2 x
There's a shock for our students as they are sent back in time to try school Victorian-style. From harsh discipline to different rules for boys and girls, it’s a tough day all round!

Series 5: 2. A Class Full of Chickens

4.0 0 x
The students look after a hatchery of newly born chicks. Year 8's Kaitlyn soon gets very attached. But the chicks can't stay in school forever...

Series 5: 1. A Brand New Term

3.0 0 x
What’s in store for Rio and his mates as they start secondary school for the first time? And we meet Year 8’s Farrah, who has big ambitions and isn’t going to let anyone put her off.
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