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Bronagh Munro investigates the crime bosses who ran the Huyton Firm, who terrorised Liverpool. They are now behind bars after 10,000 of their secret messages were decrypted.

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May 2024
Panorama goes undercover in the Probation Service, revealing how easy it is for convicted criminals to go on the run and that drug tests and regular room searches are not being carried out.
Jim Reed meets the families of some of the 380 children with bleeding disorders who were infected with HIV, to discuss their campaign for justice and what they hope for from the inquiry.
Panorama investigates the green projects that say they can help brands cancel out their carbon emissions. But do the claims stack up?
April 2024
The government says new technology will make existing stretches of smart motorway safe. But what happens when the technology doesn’t work? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates.
With more than six million people in England alone waiting for an operation on the NHS, Monika Plaha investigates the safety record of one of the UK's biggest private healthcare providers.
March 2024
Ros Atkins explores how net migration to the UK has hit record levels, when the government promised in the wake of Brexit that immigration would be lower.
From a thriving city to a war-torn ruin. The people of Mariupol share powerful and shocking stories of bravery, loss and determination as the Ukraine war unfolded.
Alison Holt reports on how spiralling care costs for children, the elderly and homeless people are threatening to push the councils across the UK into the red.
Reporter Rory Carson meets the caravan park residents who say they have been mis-sold their properties and falsely promised they could stay in them for the rest of their lives.
Justin Webb and Marianna Spring travel from the frozen plains of Iowa to the swing state of Georgia to explore Donald Trump’s enduring appeal and look ahead to an unprecedented American election year.
February 2024
Panorama investigates Royal Mail, hearing from whistleblowers and the service's senior management who believe the postal system must change if Royal Mail is to survive.
Following the attacks of 7 October, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas. But can it? With access to some of Hamas’s most closely guarded secrets, John Ware investigates its network outside Gaza.
Was the prospect of closure for collieries across Britain pushing moderate areas towards more militant approaches? First transmitted in 1984.
Fergus Walsh follows patients with Alzheimer's disease who have been taking two new drugs that have been shown to slow down its progression. Is this a turning point in its treatment?
Richard Bilton investigates sudden unexplained deaths in children and looks at the research trying to find out why they happen.
January 2024
The Care Quality Commission has said that maternity services at a trust in Gloucestershire are inadequate. Panorama has calculated that maternal deaths there are almost double the national average.
An investigation into the state of British school buildings where headteachers are struggling to keep their students safe and children are learning in gloves due to extreme cold.
A new generation of anti-obesity drugs are being hailed as game changers for the NHS and for millions of patients. Is the NHS ready for a revolution in treating obesity?
The story of the most widespread miscarriage of justice in British legal history and those whose lives were devastated by it.