Paul Martin's Antiques Showdown

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Paul Martin's Antiques Showdown

Paul Martin's in Glasgow, taking on James Spiridon, his youngest opponent yet.

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Series 1
Paul Martin and Paul Hayes go head-to-head in the deciding battle.
A Chinese medicine tablet might be just what the doctor ordered for one rival.
On day three, the rivals race in a hunt for items they can flip for a profit at auction.
Will it be an ecclesiastical print or arts and crafts furniture that wins the day?
Paul kicks off a week in Lincolnshire where he takes on antique expert Jessica Wall.
In Glasgow, Paul takes on James, where this week's winner will be decided at auction.
The pair compete for Royal Copenhagen tableware and a chess set carved by a WWII POW.
The pair battle over items, including a working gramophone and a broken 70s jukebox.
In their final challenge both rivals Paul and Tom Keane have the chance to bag a star lot.
Will Paul or Tom be tempted by purses, furniture, powder flasks or rugby memorabilia?
Which items will Paul and Tom Keane select? Nautical lights? Toy cars? A boxing glove?
Paul and Tom choose between Victorian pottery and stained glass. But which will appeal?
In and around Cardiff, Paul takes on ex-boxer turned auctioneer Tom Keane.
Paul's final battle with David Elstob includes lots such as a silver porringer.
Will either auctioneer be tempted with a pair of slate mantel clocks?
Items under consideration by Paul and challenger David Elstob include a chopper bike.
Will Paul or David be tempted by a Rolls Royce decanter or a one-armed bandit machine?
Paul Martin is on the South coast as he takes on veteran auctioneer David Elstob.
Who will be champion of the gavel today: Paul or Yexue Li?