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Jonathan and Eunice break up, while Andy and Spooner make up. Will Kara’s influencer promises ruin everything?

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Series 2
Andy has low testosterone - will Kara’s dubious new product help? Jonathan and Eunice start a torrid affair.
Andy is dumped and starts a brutal diet regime. Blue and Spooner hold a house party. Will ‘Mad' Andy return?
It’s mental health week at the gym, and Andy is worried that his relationship with Georgia is drifting. Will her suggestion of a threesome fix things? Or will Andy ruin everything?
Fitness influencer Kara makes Andy fear for his job, putting his and Spooner’s long-distance bromance in trouble.
Liz has disappeared, leaving a vacuum at the gym that Andy and Jay compete to fill. With his body positivity classes struggling and his relationship drifting, can Andy afford to lose?