Peep Show

August 2016

Are We Going To Be Alright?

3.0 19 x
It's the last ever Peep Show from the El Dude Brothers. Jeremy is turning 40 - and it's hitting him hard - while Mark makes an audacious attempt to win the woman of his dreams.

Kid Farm

3.0 12 x
Jeremy and Super Hans come to blows over the rights to a tune they wrote back in the noughties, while Mark's play date with his son doesn't quite go to plan
July 2016


3.0 7 x
Mark's determination to get the woman of his dreams isn't hindered by the fact that she has a husband


3.0 15 x
Jeremy's love life takes a surprising turn, as Mark is dealing with his own matters of the heart
December 2015

Gregory's Beard

Expired 3.0 18 x
Mark and Jeremy are reunited in the flat, Super Hans prepares for his wedding day, putting Mark under pressure as his best man. But there's a perk - Dobby will be there.

The William Morris Years

Expired 3.0 24 x
Time has not healed the rift between former friends Mark and Jeremy. When Jeremy has to ask for a loan, Mark sees his chance for revenge...

Seasonal Beatings

3.0 14 x
It's Christmas Day and Mark has invited his parents over for lunch. He's planned everything, but Jeremy is over-excited, and Dobby and Super Hans show up.
March 2015

New Year's Eve

3.0 16 x
It's New Year's Eve, and Mark is depressed about Dobby, but Jeremy is determined that the El Dude Brothers are going to enjoy the night of their lives

Nether Zone

3.0 12 x
It's christening day for his baby, and Mark arranges to pick up Jeremy, the baby's godfather, from Zahra's flat on his way to the church. Unfortunately, the lads get locked in the hallway.

A Beautiful Mind

3.0 10 x
Jeremy tries to impress Zahra by holding a book group at the flat, but he's only ever read Mr Nice. Meanwhile, Mark is worried that he can't satisfy Dobby's sexual needs.
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