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Percy's Tiger Tales

Miss Hoot tells a story about telling the truth.

Series 2
Animated series. Flap-Flap finds herself competing with a rival crime fighter in Batburg.
An excited Sissabelle and her friends are on a school trip to the seaside.
Series 2
Tattoo is careless when asked to look after a large, exotic egg found on Coconut Island.
Percy finds himself in Tiger Towers having to judge the annual 'Noble Squire Contest'.
Flap-Flap is convinced the volcano on Coconut Island is going to erupt.
When a party's announced, Percy fails to get the others to listen to his decoration ideas.
Sissabelle wants to make sure she's the centre of attention when Prince Charming visits.
Percy finds himself led astray by Tattoo during Tiger Towers' Tournament of Champions.
Percy finds himself cast away on a desert island in Squirrel Sands without his friends.
Sissabelle spoils the picnic by dropping the cookies and blames it on Tattoo.
Tattoo loses Flap-Flap's superhero gadgets.
Percy is too scared to fight the storm clouds in Doe Dreamlands.
Flap-Flap is sent on a secret mission to catch Monkey Nuts.
The annual lollipop harvest reveals the Perfectly Pink Pearl of Pickiness.
Percy panics when he loses the key to the castle kitchens before a big annual feast.
Tattoo decides to throw a beach party for his pals and they set sail for Coconut Island.
Tattoo takes something that doesn't belong to him.
Sissabelle arrives in Percy's world, excited to see how a medieval princess is pampered.
Sissabelle and her friends go to the royal ball, but Zip hasn't had an invitation.