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The Korsairs accidentally make a hole in the island with a superpowerful cannon balloon!

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Series 1
When Pat hears about a magic rope, he runs to get it!
Lily messes with Mila's boomerang and gets it confiscated by Duncan!
Mila’s convinced Pat has stolen her sword. If he doesn't bring it back, he'll be expelled!
Lily comes across some special fruits capable of turbo-boosting the Korsairs’ boat.
Lily takes a liking to a baby multicoloured skeeter she injured and decides to treat it.
After being stung by a Stripy Skeeter, Pat floats like a helium balloon!
When Mila loses her voice, Pat makes fun of her. Lamar puts him at the Kraken's helm!
Wanting to stop Scott getting yelled at by Mila, Lily tries to include him in her crew!
Lily tells her peers about her encounter with a mythical merfffmaid.
The Korsairs have punctured Lamar's balloon and must fix it!
The Korsairs ask the other teams for help finding treasure!
Duncan forbids the Pfffirates to go near an eerie abandoned ghost ship.
Pat finds an artefact that turns time back one hour.
After an accident, the Korsairs take Plume on board.
The Pfffirates must trade places as part of a challenge.
When Pat plugs a plant, will the Korsairs manage to rebalance the island's ecosystem?
Pat decides to tackle a monster: the Inflate-snake.
Duncan accompanies the newly formed Pfffirate teams on a Lamar rescue mission.
Pat runs into Richie and starts hanging out with him, upsetting Stede and Lily.