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Pinocchio And Friends

On their first day of school, Pinocchio and Freeda are reunited with Peggy and Billy Bob.

Series 2
Pinocchio and Freeda set sail for witch’s island to free Captain Sweetbeard.
Pinocchio leads the Cat and the Fox on an honesty course to help them change their ways.
Inspired by a trip to the cinema, Pinocchio decides to direct his own film.
When the sea witch is feeling lonely, Pinocchio decides to find her a friend.
Geppetto finds a guinea pig who isn't as sweet as he first appears.
On school parents' day, the Fairy agrees to stand in as both Pinocchio and Freeda's mum.
Pinocchio and Freeda help Grandpa Kurz when he thinks he hears monsters in his house.
Cricket wins a competition to spend a day with his favourite singer, the Shark.
When the grandpas take over the galleon, Freeda and Pinocchio step up to sail home safely.
When Lucilla loses her voice, Pinocchio has to step in as lead singer of the band.
Captain Sweetbeard has to go back to school, leading to a class trip aboard the galleon.
Pinocchio and Freeda follow Cricket when he sneaks out wearing a shark fin hat.
Series 1
It is time for class at the Shop of Wonders, but Pinocchio and Freeda have other ideas. When the Fairy with Turquoise Hair sets her dog Medoro to track down Pinocchio, he gets captured by Fox and Cat!
Master Cherry returns to town and opens an electronics store with all the latest gadgets. A light-hearted competition starts between Cherry and Geppetto, but the situation soon gets out of control.
The Fairy with Turquoise Hair visits Pinocchio and his friends at Papa Geppetto's shop to entrust them with a puppy. Will Pinocchio be able to look after the puppy and end the day with a good deed?
Pinocchio must find Talking Cricket after he was taken by a monkey! While tracking down his lost friend, Pinocchio finds himself at the Grand Theatre run by puppeteer Mangiafuoco.
Pinocchio, Freeda and Talking Cricket must help the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, after Fox and Cat steal her magic wand, to make all their wishes come true.
Candlewick steals a toy rocket from the Shop of Wonders to convince his friends that it’s a gift from his astronaut uncle.
If Geppetto is his father, then who is Pinocchio’s mother? Together with Talking Cricket and Freeda, Pinocchio explores the Magic Woods to find out.