Pokémon Horizons: The Series

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Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Friede, Captain Pikachu and the Rising Volt Tacklers step up to help protect Liko.

Series 1
Liko has gone missing, so Dot calls on a celebrity connection for help!
Liko arrives at Indigo Academy and meets her partner Pokémon, Sprigatito.
Liko, Roy and their Pokémon receive some red-hot training from Gym Leader Kabu!
A stop at the Battle Café in Motostoke brings back painful memories for Murdock.
Friede tells the Rising Volt Tacklers the story of how he and Captain Pikachu first met.
Fuecoco and Wattrel aren’t getting along, so Roy sets up some teamwork training!
Officially a trainer, Dot teams up with Quaxly to help take back Liko’s stolen pendant!
While the Brave Olivine has its computer system rebooted, it’s picnic time for the crew!
As Friede tracks suspicious activity, Roy comes up with some special training for Wattrel.
After learning the story of the Ancient Adventurer, Liko is faced with a decision.
Searching for Arboliva, Liko, Roy and Mollie discover a forest devastated by wildfire.
Liko and Roy arrive in Artazon, but gym leader Brassius is in an artistic slump!
Back in Paldea, the time has come for Liko to part ways with the Rising Volt Tacklers.
While the rest of the crew goes shopping, Liko ramps up her efforts to befriend Dot.
Liko and Roy learn a thing or two about Pokémon battles from Friede and Captain Pikachu!
A Rayquaza suddenly emerges from Roy’s Ancient Poké Ball, leaving everyone with questions!
After Roy sneaks onto the Brave Olivine, he and Fuecoco get their chance to shine!
As Liko settles in on the Brave Olivine, the Fuecoco who lives on the ship goes missing!
Liko, Friede and the other Rising Volt Tacklers set out to rescue Sprigatito.