Police Interceptors

Series 20

Series 20, Episode 3

3.0 8 x
A driver tries to give interceptor Ky Kirk the slip around the backstreets of Nottingham.

Series 20, Episode 2

3.0 12 x
A 20-mile cross border pursuit heads onto the M1 motorway at over 120 miles per hour.

Series 20, Episode 1

3.0 16 x
Officers attempt to box-in a driver, but he instead heads toward Nottingham city centre.
Series 17

Series 17, Episode 2

4.0 5 x
Series 17, Episode 2 of the TV-show Police Interceptors was broadcast by Channel 5 on Monday 25 October 2021 at 19:00.

Series 17, Episode 1

4.0 10 x
It is Vicky's first pursuit, and it doesn't disappoint. After a race through Bradford, an Audi slams into a parked car. The driver runs, but the car he crashed into also has a secret - 42 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine.
Series 19

Series 19, Episode 14

4.0 12 x
First up in this action-packed episode, after a tram-stop robbery in Bulwell, the Interceptors are on the hunt for two suspects allegedly armed with a gun. Dan Machin and Jim Campin spot a pair who fit the description, but the suspects vanish over a railway footbridge, unaware that on the other side of the tracks firearms ...

Series 19, Episode 13

4.0 8 x
Tonight’s episode takes off like a rocket and doesn’t let up. A dangerous driver who’s breached his restraining order leads the interceptors on the pursuit to end all pursuits: a half hour, white-knuckle ride across Nottinghamshire. Time after time, the suspect avoids the spikes of Bruce Arnold’s stinger until it seems no...

Series 19, Episode 12

4.0 3 x
Lisa and Jim find themselves slipping and sliding through the pitch black on the trail of a runaway 4x4. Their suspect seems to know rural Nottinghamshire like the back of his hand and his off-roader is slowly slipping from sight. Back on tarmac, the Knife Crime Team turns a routine stop into a major bust.

Series 19, Episode 11

4.0 15 x
Tonight’s episode kicks off with a runaway Peugeot that’s been taken without consent. When a dog handler is taken out of the chase, multiple cops and the police chopper take up the hunt for a driver who flees on foot. A suspect is swiftly nicked with some keys, but will they fit the ditched Peugeot? The knife crime team ha...

Series 19, Episode 10

4.0 10 x
Tonight's action-packed episode starts with a bang as the interceptors come knocking for a suspected drugs dealer who's been on the run for two years. On arrival, the bloke is thought to be flushing drugs down the toilet. However, the front door won't budge, forcing the cops to smash through a window.