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As news of the death of a prisoner spreads, the guards prepare for trouble. Benji is becoming difficult to handle as he waits for a letter from his girlfriend.

Series 1
Sammi is caught in a dilemma, knowing that if he comes clean about the illegal restraint on an inmate, he will be ostracised by his fellow officers.
Sammi helps out his snitch Benji by allowing him to phone his girlfriend, Ariana. But she admits to Sammi that she wants to end her relationship with the inmate.
Miriam is coerced into smuggling drugs into the prison. Benji continues to give Sammi insider information regarding his fellow prisoners, but the cost is high, destabilising the status quo.
Under pressure to clean up the prison before the visit of the inspectors, several raids of the sections lead to a breakdown in the balance of power between the dominant gangs.
Fresh out of training and wanting to make a difference, new guard Sammi arrives at one of Denmark's older prisons, where he finds that stronger inmates dominate the weak.