Prisoner: Cell Block H

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Prisoner: Cell Block H

Franky talks Doreen into robbing a hardware store but the hold-up goes wrong.

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Series 1
Bea is furious to learn from Vera that Barbara is inside for smuggling drugs.
Barbara has drugs smuggled into the prison.
Lynn is rushed to hospital after her suicide attempt.
Meg and Karen find Lynn on the floor of her cell, bleeding.
Doreen and Franky masquerade as nuns to con people into giving them money.
The payroll robbery goes disastrously wrong. Lynn goes into labour.
As news of an escape spreads, Vera attempts to tighten security.
Karen talks Franky down from the roof and offers to teach her how to read.
The Governor introduces a volleyball program to let the inmates work off their tension.
Vera's drinking gets her in trouble, and Helen Masters cons everyone to win her acquittal.
Marilyn's boyfriend Eddie is suspicious of where she got the money for his birthday gift.
Bea Smith and the other inmates find out about Franky's plans to get paroled.
Lizzie finds a stray cat in the garden and brings it into the prison.
Lynn reveals she was raped by Mr Bentley, and Vera has trouble with her ailing mother.
Frankie and Bea fight during a dance class, and Yates is caught smuggling for Marilyn.
Rosie gives birth to a boy, and Eddie tells Marilyn he saw who stabbed Bill.
With Franky's hold growing, temperatures reach boiling point in an all-out riot.
Franky siezes the chance to take over and announces she is now in charge.
New prisoners Karen and Lynn are admitted to Wentworth Detention Centre.