Putin vs The West

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Putin vs The West

The impact of Putin’s war in Ukraine is felt across the globe. And with support for Ukraine starting to fray, Zelensky comes under pressure to negotiate.

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February 2024
Putin’s invasion stuns the world, testing the resolve of western presidents and prime ministers, who must decide how far to go in backing Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine.
March 2023
Leaders including Boris Johnson, Theresa May and Volodymyr Zelensky discuss how they confronted Putin and manoeuvred to try and prevent his invasion of Ukraine.
Putin turns to the Middle East. After Gaddafi’s overthrow in Libya, Putin shows just how far he’s willing to go to keep his ally, President Assad of Syria, in power.
February 2023
When Putin first invades Crimea in 2014, the west is divided. Starting with demonstrations in Kyiv, this is the story of the fraught phone calls and summits that followed.