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Queer As Folk Us

Sacrilege: In the series finale, Bussey throws a transformative party to reclaim Babylon. And Bussey, Brodie, Ruthie, Shar and Brenda make choices that change their lives. (Ep8/8)

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Problematica: Brodie considers his impact on his friends' lives, while Noah and Julian host a dinner. Ruthie bonds with the twins, and Shar makes a surprising connection. (Ep7/8)
Pretend You're Someone Else: The gang ride on a Mardi Gras float, where Brodie and Ruthie realise they can't escape each other - or their past. Marvin butts heads with Ali and Shar. (Ep6/8)
Choke: Mingus celebrates their birthday at the club's drag wrestling event, despite Brodie's best efforts to keep them away. Julian and Noah come to a difficult decision. (Ep5/8)
Marvin and Ali throw a party for people with disabilities, while Brodie babysits so Ruthie and Shar can have a night out. Mingus attends Bussey's drag school. (Ep4/8)
Welcome to the Hellmouth: Brodie throws a party to honour his lost friends with money from the survivors' fund. Ruthie lies to Shar again, and Judy struggles to connect with Mingus. (Ep3/8)
Blocked: The gang struggle to regain a sense of normality. Julian moves in with Brodie and a deeply hurt Noah. Mingus' crush grows, and Shar and Ruthie host a sip and see party. (Ep2/8)
Babylon: US reimagining of the 1999 Channel 4 drama. A group of friends' lives are transformed by a shooting at a gay nightclub in New Orleans. (Ep1/8)