Race Across The World


Cheshire and the Wirral

4.0 64 x
The five teams head out of Delphi to their next checkpoint - Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan - a journey that sees them leave behind the familiarity of the west.

Series 1: Episode 6

3.5 153 x
After 12,000 miles, two continents, 21 countries and four seas, the finish line is in sight as the four teams complete the final leg of the Race Across the World.

Series 1: Episode 5

1.8 136 x
In the penultimate leg of their journey, the remaining four teams head through the dense forests and bustling metropolises of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Series 1: Episode 4

4.0 133 x
The four remaining teams enter the People’s Republic of China. After nearly a month on the road together, budgets are running low and emotions are high.

Series 1: Episode 3

4.0 163 x
As five teams become four, they are more focused than ever on reaching Singapore. They journey across the deserts, mountains and Silk Road cities of Central Asia to Uzbekistan.


4.0 114 x
Gloucestershire of the TV-show Race Across The World was broadcast by BBC2 on Sunday 3 March 2019 at 21:00.
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