Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

November 2018

Episode 5 La Serenata

3.0 0 x
Gordon is in Los Angeles to save family-owned Mexican restaurant La Serenata, giving the dining room an inviting new turquoise interior and planning a smaller but more dynamic menu, all in 24 hours

Episode 4 Sherman's Restaurant

4.0 0 x
On a trip to Greenville in Mississippi, Gordon has just 24 hours to give Sherman's Restaurant, a family-owned fine dining establishment, a bright farmhouse chic interior and a modernised menu

Episode 3 Brownstone Bistro

3.0 1 x
Gordon has just 24 hours to give the Brownstone Bistro in Los Angeles a vibrant new look, create more space in the kitchen and introduce a simplified menu featuring fresh and authentic Caribbean fare

Episode 2 The Old Coffee Pot

4.0 0 x
In New Orleans, Gordon has 24 hours to create a fresh, modern dining room, set up a grab-and-go coffee station and whip up an exciting new menu for The Old Coffee Pot bistro in the French Quarter

Episode 1 Bella Gianna's

3.0 0 x
Gordon tries to save Bella Gianna's, a family-run Italian restaurant in Congers, New York. He and his team have 24 hours to remodel the interior, revamp the menu and teach the staff to work together.
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