Ready To Mingle

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Ready To Mingle

It's the finale and Sophia puts the boys on trial to test them one last time.

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Series 1
It's the penultimate day in the house and a shocking truth is revealed.
With the finale in sight, the boys step it up a level in a bid to impress.
As the new boys settle in, Sophia's family arrives to help interrogate some of the boys.
An elimination sends shockwaves through the house.
A surprise new arrival enters the house to help Sophia figure things out.
The partners cause havoc as they take over for the day.
Things continue to blossom between Sophia and Casey.
An explosive game causes fireworks between John and Rudi.
Sophia remains on high alert as to which boys are single and which are lying.
Sophia continues to get close to the boys and finds herself in a love triangle.
The partners panic as Sophia gets one-on-one time with two guys, resulting in a sleepover.
Sophia takes the lads out on dates to work out who is single and who is in a relationship.
Sophia continues to get to know the lads in order to work out which of them are single.
Dating show where one single girl moves in with 12 apparently single lads.