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Repair Lot

New. A Triumph Spitfire is a massive mission to get back on the road, and a family heirloom Rover P5 also needs serious attention from the workshop crew.

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Series 1
A 1950s Ford Thunderbird needs a total electrical upgrade, and a Morris Minor drops oil everywhere and is showing signs of severe engine wear.
A glamorous Jaguar XK150 sports car is way down on power, and a hot rod which has been grounded for months gets a chance to cruise once again.
The team give a 21st-century makeover to a Ford Popular with dodgy brakes, and a custom Corona from Japan offers a big bodywork and cabin challenge.
A Bentley tourer with failing brakes and faulty electrics - and a Leyland Princess that needs a conversion - make up the car royalty in the workshop this time.
The team go all out to get a BMW convertible ready for top-down fun again, and can a Triumph Herald with terrible bodywork be saved from the crusher?
A VW Buggy has shaky steering and a grouchy gearchange, and a fast Ford has suffered a bad rear-end shunt and needs new bodywork and a respray.
A Mini that is a star on social media has a damaged seat, dodgy suspension and unreliable engine, and the team also tackle a Jaguar that can't steer or brake.
The crew troubleshoot the fuel system of a Dodge Charger to restore its roar and build a bespoke cage for the thrill-seeking owner of a globetrotting VW Beetle.
The workshop team race to bring an ex-rally Ford Cortina Mk1 back to its best in an emotional journey, then work flat out to restore a Peugeot 306 GTi hot hatch.