Retro Electro Workshop

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Retro Electro Workshop

Shamil buys a bargain Boombox fresh out of the 80s. It looks amazing but Rob predicts it will be a nightmare to repair.

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Series 1
Shamil and Rob head out to a vintage gaming emporium and they get their hands on a Commodore 64 and a Spectrum ZX.
Shamil buys a 70s Jukebox in need of repair, and Matt has his work cut out with a collectable Kit Cat clock that doesn't tell the time.
Shamil's inspired to buy an original 1980s Sinclair C5 for Rob to repair.
Shamil buys an '80s Atari which is a more complex fix than it first appears. Rob needs to unravel a previous owner's modifications before he can get it working again.
Shamil buys an 80s Technics record deck for Rob to restore.
Shamil hunts down a battered 1940s Marconi Radiogram that has seen better days, and Rob is tasked with getting a 50's TV working again by the family who made them.
Shamil relives his childhood memories with a classic Scalextric, but it's a new challenge for Rob who never owned one as a child and has never fixed one either.
Shamil finds a pinball machine that should be simple to repair, but just when Rob thinks he's got the flippers flipping, another tricky obstacle gets in the way.
Shamil picks up an iconic Weltron Space Helmet Radio in need of repair, but the spherical design proves a challenge to even get open.