Rich House, Poor House

September 2020

Sethard-Wrights family and Walker family

3.0 23 x
Two families who live five miles apart, but are in different worlds financially, exchange lifestyles for a week as the Sethard-Wrights swap their large house with its tennis court and swimming pool for the Walkers' council house.

Haslams family and Brimicombes family

4.0 13 x
The Haslams have three children, twelve restaurants and £3,000 to spare a week. The Brimicombes have four kids but only £140 a week to spend. How will the two families handle swapping lives, homes and budgets?
August 2020

Emmotts family and Blakes family

4.0 54 x
The Emmotts enjoy a budget of £1300 per week, affording golf, tennis, music and triathlon training. The Blakes have only £125 of disposable income, so treats include walks in the park and film nights at home. How will they react to life at opposite ends of Britain's wealth divide?

Hornans family and Llewellyns family

4.7 86 x
The Hornans are in the wealthiest 10% in Britain, with luxury holidays, swimming lessons and a weekly budget of more than £2k. The Llewellyns are among the poorest 10%, and dream only of owning their own home with a garden for the kids to play in. How will they find living at opposite ends of the wealth divide?

Hansens family and Gittings family

4.0 33 x
The Hansens take four holidays a year with a weekly budget of more than £1,300. The Gittings have occasionally resorted to attending food banks to feed themselves. How will each family adapt to living at opposite ends of the wealth divide?
July 2020

Colemans family and Morgans family

4.0 17 x
The Colemans are in the wealthiest 10% in Britain, with music festivals, mountain-biking and a weekly budget of around £1,800. The Morgans cannot afford festivals with their budget of only £180. How will they find living at opposite ends of the wealth divide?

Episode 6

4.0 38 x
Millonaire property developer Immanuel and his adult children swap homes, lives and budgets with single mum Amy and her two kids. While the former thinks nothing of spending half the year travelling, the latter cannot even afford a day out in London.

Episode 5

4.0 32 x
Swindon retired couple Shahid and Riffat have dedicated their lives to helping others, while single mum Kelly spends all her attention on her two sons. As they swap homes, lives and budgets, will they both learn something about themselves?
June 2020

Episode 4

3.0 31 x
The wealthy Jones family swap their ten-bedroom Victorian mansion for the Robinson family's three-bed council property. Will a week at the home of a successful entrepreneur inspire Sacha Robinson to pursue his dreams?

Episode 2

4.0 32 x
Property developer Claire Donovan and her family swap homes and lives with DIY warehouse worker Jason White and his brood. Will living with a successful artist inspire Jason to make the break?