Rich House, Poor House

May 2020

Laboutins and 20k in Debt

3.0 62 x
The successful owners of an East Sussex beauty clinic, and their three kids, leave their Porsche and Aston Martin behind and swap with single mum Nadine, who lives in a flat in Portsmouth.
April 2020

The North-South Divide

4.0 87 x
Jessen, her husband and three children swap their rented house in Bradford, for a swanky minimalist pad in Kent.

4. Episode 4

4.0 53 x
Anna who lives on the breadline moves into a Leeds mansion.

3. Episode 3

3.0 48 x
A wealthy couple swap with a zero-hour contract worker.

8. Episode 8

4.0 67 x
The Lee family swap their lives with the Wood family.
March 2020

7. Episode 7

4.5 71 x
A landowner swaps his estate for a former council house.
February 2020

1. Episode 1

4.0 43 x
The Nunn and Ross families swap lives, homes and budgets.
December 2019

17. Rich House, Poor House at Christmas

3.0 55 x
The Hogans and the Bucks spend a week in each other's lives.
November 2019

6. Episode 6

1.5 62 x
A millonaire property developer and a single mum swap lives.
October 2019

5. Episode 5

4.0 57 x
Retired couple Shahid and Riffat swap with single mum Kelly.
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