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Rip Off Britain

Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville explore disasters that derailed some holidays before they’d even begun.

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Series 11
Julia Somerville, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford report on the holidaymakers who arrived at their hotels, only to discover they'd been closed for years.
A look at unexpected problems that threaten to knock your travels off course, including the double-booking nightmare that put a real dampener on the holidays of two families.
Series 14
Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon ask if the banks are acting fast enough when it comes to responding to fraud.
Series 16
The tour operator that one couple say really let them down when their coach transfer took a turn for the worst.
Life savings gone and no refund – why your choice of bank could make all the difference if you lose out to scammers.
The dogged debt collectors who won’t give up – even when you don’t owe them anything. And the missing mail causing huge headaches and leaving you out of pocket.
The team tackle more bad practice, including debunking the claims of a slimming pill magazine that says you’ll lose a stone in a week.
Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville hear from the young people who thought they were dabbling in investments but instead ended up unwittingly money laundering.
The hacked hotel emails that could cost you your holiday. Also, the team meets a woman who felt abandoned by her cruise company when illness struck on board.
Could the biggest change to landlines in generations leave you without a phone or broadband? And the new plans that might bring private parking operators into line.
How one tech giant’s phone insurance will only pay out if thieves don’t switch off the tracking software on your handset. And the people forced to pay for items that never arrived.
The team meets a couple at loggerheads with a developer after finding soaked plaster and a beetle infestation in their new-build home.
From shockingly incorrect bills to broken smart meters, bad customer service to impossible debts, the Rip Off Britain team challenge the energy industry and the government.
The team investigates the holiday deal websites whose offers were very different to what was advertised.
Priced off the road: the young drivers handed a car insurance price hike in the middle of their policy.
The team meet one man worried that the £300k he spent on rare whisky might have vanished after the investment firm went bust.
When an algorithm banned one woman from opening an online account because her surname was McManus, she asked Rip Off Britain for help!
The team investigates the seriously written-off cars patched up and put back on the road, and asks why e-bike batteries, withdrawn for being a fire hazard, could still be on sale.
Series 15
The team meets the families who paid tens of thousands of pounds for dream home extensions, only to be left with dangerously bad work that could cost much more to put right.