Robin Of Sherwood

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Robin Of Sherwood

Adventure-drama based on the popular legend. Robin and his men are captured by Gisburne.

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Series 3
King John orders all the food from the villages to be collected to feed his army.
It appears that Robin's father, the Earl of Huntingdon, is in great danger.
Adventure-drama series based on the popular legend. Forsaken Queen Hadwisa plots revenge.
Adventure-drama series based on the popular legend. Much is captured by the Sheriff.
The Sheriff's incompetence has brought the King to Nottingham to collect his taxes.
Much is caught in a forester's trap and becomes very ill when the wound gets infected.
Adventure-drama series. Much and Scarlet take rest and sustenance in an unusual camp.
Adventure-drama series. King John decides to replace the sheriff.
The guardian of a priceless treasure foresees his own death in tarot cards.
Adventure-drama series. The men send for Marion when Robert is badly wounded in a raid.
Robert of Huntingdon and the reformed group of outlaws determine to rescue Marion.
Adventure-drama series. The outlaw band go their separate ways after the death of Loxley.
Series 2
The King threatens to strip the Sheriff of his office unless Robin is captured.
Robin and the outlaws leave Sherwood to defend a village from the Hounds of Lucifer.
Robin and his followers set out to rescue a distant village from a band of horsemen.
Robin is entranced by Lilith, an evil witch who persuades him to steal a sacred arrow.
Gisburne hires a band of ruthless Flemish mercenaries to tackle Robin and his band.
A Jewish merchant is owed a great deal of money by the Sheriff.
Prince John descends on Nottingham with a mysterious prisoner.