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Brand new series - Tracker: When Matt embarrasses the family, Stebe and Theo discipline him the way their father did, by leaving him to fend for himself in the middle of nowhere. (S2 Ep6)

Series 2
Brand new series - Bidai: When a King invites TainT to perform for him, a spy mission tests Theo, Stebe and Moey D's allegiances to Nu-Metal - and puts their lives in danger. (S2 Ep5)
Brand new series - Bro Down: Darby's new girlfriend might want to murder him, but he's still too infatuated to hang out with Theo. (S2 Ep4)
Brand new series - MyCycle: Deb's love of her exercise bike drives a wedge between her and Stebe. Theo attempts to bond with his father but ends up a vulnerable mess. (S2 Ep3)
Brand new series - Catalina: Stebe's bad dreams lead him and Theo on a mission to discover secrets about their father's dark past. (S2 Ep2)
Brand new series - Fight for J. Davis High: Battle lines are drawn when Royal Crackers are removed from school lunches and replaced by a healthier alternative. (S2 Ep1)
Brand new series - Craftopia: When Matt's computer is destroyed by an internet prankster named Zane, he takes a job at Royal Crackers to save enough money to buy a replacement. (Ep10)
Brand new series - Crackercon: It's time for the team to head to beautiful Primm, Nevada and attend the Super Bowl for global snack food companies - 'CrackerCon'. (Ep9)
Brand new series - Casa De Darby: The Hornsbys go to California when Stebe lands Royal Crackers a lucrative brand integration deal with a big Latin American sitcom, 'Casa De Papa'. (Ep8)
Brand new series - The Point One Percent: The Hornsby family go to a deviant billionaire's annual yacht party for 'the point one per cent', the richest billionaires in the world. (Ep7)
Brand new series - Mayworth: A botched birthday party inspires Theodore Hornsby Sr to recount a troubling event from his past. (Ep6)
Brand new series - Business Mom: Deb becomes the target of intense internet backlash after an altercation at the local grocery store earns her widespread infamy. (Ep5)
Brand new - Stebe: When Theo's old charismatic friend and former bandmate shows up unexpectedly at the Hornsby Manor, Stebe is thrown into a full-blown identity crisis. (Ep4)
Brand new series - Factory 37: Royal Crackers' most profitable factory needs inspection, but when a no-nonsense inspector arrives, the team has to graft to get Factory 37 up to code. (Ep3)
Brand new series - Theo's Comeback Tour: Theo kicks off his solo career by going on a world tour. At the Hornsby Manor, Stebe and Deb experiment with drugs. (Ep2)
Brand new series - Pilot: When the tyrannical founder and head of snack empire Royal Crackers falls ill, his family try to make the business the success that it once was. Animation. (Ep1)