Santiago Of The Seas

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Santiago Of The Seas

Santiago teams up with a vampire to help save two crews at once.

Series 2
Santi and crew must save the town - and everyone in it - from having their colour drained.
Series 1
Santiago and his crew must retrieve the legendary Treasure Treats from La Isla Misteriosa.
It's a nighttime chase above and below the sea when Escarlata turns the moon into a fish.
It's a family competition as everyone pairs up to find a fabled treasure.
Santiago, Lorelai and Abuelo bring Tomas a special birthday surprise.
Santiago's magic sword is sent to the Island of Lost Things. The pirates must find it.
Santiago and crew set sail to return the Golden Falcon idol back to its rightful place.
The year's biggest party could be cancelled after Escarlata la Pirata freezes the seas!
Series 2
A sleepover in Larimar's Museum turns into an adventure when a piece of art comes to life.
Santi and crew must team up with Bonnie to rescue her mom, pirate Billie Bones.
The crew is on a mission to rescue Abuelo's long-lost treasure when the boys fall asleep!
Santiago and his family team up to save the Fruit Festival when Enrique crashes the party.
Series 1
Bonnie Bones transforms into a baby, and it's up to the good pirates to change her back.
Santiago and crew must retrieve a powerful undersea artifact after Enrique steals it.
Santiago is on a mad dash to get his compass back after it's nabbed by Bonnie Bones.
After Enrique nabs a sea dragon's golden egg, the good pirates must retrieve it.
Bonnie Bones is on the run with the museum's priceless treasures.
Santiago and Mami team up to take down an old foe and retrieve a lost family treasure.
It's time for the annual Parade! Unless Escarlata has anything to say about it.