Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country

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Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country

...Country at Christmas: The family prepare for the Christmas festivities in the countryside, as they build an alpine winter wonderland tree house and host a fiery outdoor party!

Series 3
...Country: Sarah, Graham and their sons build a greenhouse retreat, try to charm worms in Devon. And the boys take center stage at the CarFest music and motor extravaganza. (S3 Ep7/7)
...Country: It's all hands on deck, as the whole family transform a bare field into an oasis-of-calm terrace, complete with a trickling fountain in their new ornamental pond. (S3 Ep6/7)
...the Country: Sarah transforms her cloakroom into a Victorian cabinet of curiosities for family heirlooms, and decorates the guest bathroom with bright gold mosaic tiles. (S3 Ep5/7)
...Country: Sarah and Graham's new-build classic country home gets a makeover, as the whole family help to erect a clock tower, complete with a bell and a unique family flag. (S3 Ep4/7)
...Country: Sarah and Graham transform their downstairs space into a Chinoiserie-inspired family room, complete with curtains inspired by London Fashion Week's wild creations. (S3 Ep3/7)
...Country: Sarah and Graham transform their guest bedroom into an immersive experience with a secret, Narnia-inspired room in the eaves, accessed through the wardrobe. (S3 Ep2/7)
...Country: Sarah Beeny and her husband Graham are back as they turn their newly built house into a home, starting with the creation of a bespoke library. (S3 Ep1/7)
Series 2
...Country: Sarah and Graham transform their bare kitchen into the heart of their home, Graham learns how to smoke his own fish, and the boys play their first live gig. (S2 Ep8)
...Country: The family create a music room, designed by the boys. Sarah and the boys set up an incubator for their new duck eggs while Diccon makes the ducks a fancy lakeside home. (S2 Ep7)
...Country: The family start work on the en-suite bathrooms in their ambitious new-build classic English country house - all five of them! And on the farm, it's time to make hay. (S2 Ep6)
...Country: The family transform the boys' bedrooms in their modern country house and get to work on making the pond watertight. But the British weather has other plans... (S2 Ep5)
...Country: Sarah and Graham start to transform their sitting room and, inspired by a trip to the local cider brandy orchard, Graham brings home four apple trees. (S2 Ep4)
...Country: Sarah and Graham turn their attention to the dining room of their ambitious new-build. But can they get hold of the materials they need to complete it? (S2 Ep3)
...Country: Sarah and her husband Graham plan to install an impressive staircase in their new-build classic English country house, and the family think about getting some goats. (S2 Ep2)
...Country: Sarah, her husband Graham and their four boys start the interior design of their ambitious new-build classic country house and continue to adapt to country living. (S2 Ep1)
Series 1
...Country: Sarah and Graham start harvesting their own honey to make a surprisingly delicious condiment, and the first stage of building their dream home is finally completed. (S1 Ep8)
...Country: Building work resumes as a Covid-safe team arrive back at the farm. And four alpacas come to stay, as Sarah bids to make a menagerie of animals a success. (S1 Ep7)
...Country: Sarah learns how to keep bees, the family get garden inspiration at Forde Abbey and learn about foraging at Ham Hill, and work on the house stops during lockdown. (S1 Ep6)
...Country: Sarah and Graham dig the footings for their new home, try their hand at glamping and get more than they bargained for when they hunt for Graham's lost ring. (S1 Ep5)