Secret Life Of The Safari Park

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Secret Life Of The Safari Park

This series gets up close to the animals of Knowsley Safari: from strutting baboons and racing rhinos to alpha lion Sam - 12 years old and still the boss. (Ep1)

February 2024
A rhino bull is mating aggressively and the wildebeest are being a nuisance. A red river hog's got the blues. And an elderly baboon uses his wits and an ostrich egg to stay alive. (Ep6/6)
Male bison Baldr's acting up. Is it sexual frustration? It's mutiny among the baboons as their leader battles to keep his crown. And a tapir's snout has stopped working. (Ep5/6)
January 2024
Purple the antelope has misplaced her calf. Ted the lion has arthritis. Marian the baboon has been over-grooming her baby son. And camels Marvin and Merlin are looking for love! (Ep4)
Froja, Knowsley's elderly elk, is on a special diet, but the park's fallow deer and bullying bison keep nicking her dinner. Meanwhile, Meru the white rhino might be pregnant... (Ep3)
A nilgai antelope is having a baby. Or is it twins? A pair of rare tigers urgently need to mate. The wolf pack keep fighting amongst themselves. And the baboons swing into action. (Ep2)