Secrets Of The Aquarium

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Secrets Of The Aquarium

There’s a surprise visit from the Princess of Wales, concern for a recent arrival and a pregnancy test for Florence the shark.

Series 1
Marcus installs a shark cage to allow visitors a close encounter, and a new octopus arrives from Portugal. Amelia has problems that threaten an ambitious project to replant the seagrass meadows.
Ian has to carry out repairs ten metres underwater in the deepest tank in Britain, and there’s a surprise for volunteer Jill, the aquarium's 86-year-old 'ray whisperer'.
Marcus and Emma head to the Maldives on a rescue mission for an injured turtle. Ian trains a shark using a toy boat, and Andrew collects fresh seaweed for Larry the lobster.
Catching rays is a challenge with a sting in the tail. Xav has to find a way to keep Friday the Turtle out of trouble. Freyja gives some care home residents a moving close encounter with sharks.
New boss Marcus attempts a high-risk move for a misbehaving shark, Andrew builds a cave for a reclusive lobster, and star attraction Friday the turtle receives a nasty bite.