Señorita 89

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Señorita 89

The competition continues - who will be crowned queen? Elena exposes Raul, and Luisa finds Concepcion's confession.

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Series 2
Elena's article is published, and Isabel seeks to defame her. Raul wants to get rid of the women of La Encantada, but Jocy seeks revenge.
Series 1
The contestants compete in the final to win the title of Miss Mexico, but will they make it out of the competition alive?
Raúl López Morton threatens Elena. Dolores returns to the house and tells the girls what the authorities know. Meanwhile, Elena is not allowed to see visitors or leave.
Series 2
Jocy learns terrible news about her sister. Isabel realises she is pregnant - but is it her husband's? Concepcion records a testimony with everything she knows about Raul, putting herself at risk.
Isabel marries Raul, but Mirko threatens to ruin their party. Jocelyn is in danger when she discovers information about her missing sister.
Series 1
The girls who tried to escape by going to the party with Nando are caught, Jocelyn and Dolores are taken to Concepción, and Antonio tells Ángeles he wants to help them.
Valenzuela's widow appears on television, asking for help. A famous band visit La Encantada and choose five girls for their video. Jocelyn runs away to find her sister.
Raúl intimidates the girls while Elena hides the tape in Hidalgo's office, Isabel vies for Iriarte's sponsorship, and Jocelyn tries to get to her sister.
The girls try to keep up appearances. They stick to their version of what happened, corroborated by all those involved in the night's events. But the Hidalgos become suspicious.
Jocelyn learns that her sister has disappeared. The press takes interest, and Nora recruits Dolores, Ángeles and Jocelyn to sneak into a movie set in a cabin in the woods.
A party is in full swing on the night before the grand finale of the beauty pageant when a body falls from a terrace and into the path of a woman called Elena.
Series 2
Isabel and Raul publicly announce their engagement. Jocy defies the established order and challenges Isabel on TV to a popular vote to strip her of her crown.
Jocy discovers the dangerous world of La Madrina, realising that people consider her a saint. Isabel breaks ties with Canalvisa and goes to MexTV, offering to be Raul's wife.
Jocelyn discovers that she can be 'the queen of the poor'. At Canalvisa, Isabel endures humiliating treatment, until she decides to approach Raul with an interesting proposal.
Isabel has been crowned Miss Mexico and is living the life of a beauty queen in a five-star hotel. Jocelyn and Angeles accept their fate and are sent to jail. Mexican drama.