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Sex Rated

Brand new series: Fitness entrepreneur Kirk's libido promises a full-body workout but is he pulling his weight in the bedroom? And what is it that's left Kyle's exes looking for more? (Ep6)

Brand new series: Nick adores women - and really adores boobs - but do his exes share his enthusiasm for nipple play? And can queen-of-swingers Leah's exes see her softer side? (Ep5)
Olin's open relationship brings new experiences to the bedroom - but will his husband and 'friend with benefits' see eye-to-eye? Could foreplay mean more play for Emi? (Ep4)
Brand new series: Will chef Elizabeth prove to be half-baked in the bedroom? Kiki-Jay reveals that 69 is the magic number, but do her exes agree? Plus: naughty talk with Ruby Rare. (Ep2)
Physiotherapist Alicia prides herself on hitting the right spots in the bedroom, but will her former flames agree? And is sales rep Adam's banter letting him down? (Ep3)
Rylan Clark and Ruby Rare reunite people with their exes for some honest between-the-sheets critiques. What will Alexandros and Gideon's former flames have to say? (Ep1)