Shadow Of Truth

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Shadow Of Truth

In this brand new finale, 16 years after Tair Rada’s tragic murder and nearly 13 years after Zadorov’s conviction, the Supreme Court of Israel orders a retrial for Zadorov.

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Series 1
Six years after the murder of Tair Rada, a mysterious witness comes forward with new information regarding the case. His story changes everything.
The public won't accept the verdict. The suspicion for Tair Rada’s tragic murder shifts to teenagers, and rumours of a conspiracy spread like wildfire on social media.
Roman Zadorov retracts his confession, claiming he was coerced into it by the detectives. A month after his arrest, the trial for Tair Rada’s murder begins.
Tair Rada is found dead inside a locked toilet stall at her school. The police are under heavy pressure to find her murderer, and a suspect is arrested.