Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators

February 2020

Series 3: 10. Teach Me, Dear Creature...

3.0 54 x
Frank and Lu delve into the ultra-competitive world of private tutoring, and Sebastian encounters an old RADA mate.

Series 3: 9. O Thou Invisible Spirit of Wine...

4.5 56 x
When paranormal activity is reported in a Tudor pub, old family feuds are brought to a head and it looks like Frank and Lu have another mystery on their hands.

Series 3: 8. All That Glisters

4.0 20 x
Frank and Lu find themselves puzzling through the world of enigmatology as they become podcasters investigating a mysterious twenty-year-old car accident.

Series 3: 7. Best Beware My Sting...

4.0 11 x
An energy tycoon hires Frank and Lu to keep an eye on his wayward eldest daughter and oversee the wedding of his youngest daughter.

Series 3: 6. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!...

3.0 11 x
Frank and Lu enter the competitive world of hairdressing and find themselves combing through a tangled web of backstabbing and deceit.

Series 3: 5. Thy Fury Spent

3.0 15 x
A simple missing persons case takes a dramatic turn as Frank and Lu find themselves in the middle of a dispute over the opening of a new Shakespeare centre.

Series 3: 4. A Serpent's Tooth

4.0 16 x
After a fatal accident in a carpet warehouse, the youngest daughter of a carpet king hires Frank and Lu to investigate her own sisters.

Series 3: 3. The Sticking Place...

3.0 27 x
Long-buried secrets are unearthed when Frank and Lu come to the aid of a community of allotment holders who are being threatened with eviction.

Series 3: 2. See Thyself, Devil!...

3.0 14 x
When a washed-up rock star thinks the Devil is trying to kill him, Frank and Lu find themselves in a race to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again.

Series 3: 1. How The Rogue Roar'd...

4.0 5 x
When Frank and Lu are hired to help close down an old bingo hall, Frank is surprised to find an old nemesis at work. But what is he really up to?